Study skills & Time management

Effective studying is all about a combination of things - Time management, Preparation, Continuity and Being realistic.

Perhaps the most important route to academic success is time management.  Time management is a skill which we all require in order to succeed.  A healthy balance of studying, relaxation and rest is essential in everything we do.

Study skills

In class - * Listen carefully to instructions from your teacher

* Make notes throughout the lesson

* Make a detailed record in your student planner of home work/coursework that is set

* Make a note of when the homework/coursework is due to be submitted.

* Always ask if you are unsure of any instructions or if you do not understand a task.

At Home - * Prioritise your work - does one subject or project need more attention than another?

* Concentrate- if you find it difficult, study in short bursts of 30 minutes or less

* Do your homework/coursework in a comfortable environment (the same place every day - i.e. at a table)

* Avoid distractions such as the T.V or computer games.

* Continuity- keep a routine going, personal organisation of time management and study techniques will pay off in the long run.

* Always allocate a good fitness and social routine for
relaxation at  weekends as well as in the evenings.

* Remember - it’s not the hours you put in, it’s what you put into the hours.

* Make a note of how long different aspects of work take you to do - this will help you manage your time better the next time a similar project comes along.

* Form a study group - compare revision/coursework and topics.

* Check if you have achieved the target fixed by your study group.