Message of Blessed Chavara to Youngsters

1. “Children!, You are the treasure in the hands of your parents.
2. Children who love and fear God will love and respect their parents.
3. Rely on your mother, God will listen to mother’s petition as yours.
4. As food is for the body; knowledge and piety for the soul.
5. Go to school regularly; review your daily lessons and renew your memory every week.
6. Idleness breeds all vices.
7. Let those who love God be your friends.
8. Tell me who your friends are and I shall tell you who you are.
9. Keeping bad books with you is like hiding fire in straw.
10. Regular reading of good books and meditating on them will illumine
your intellect.
11. Be punctual and adopt time management.
12. Let not your guardian angel be sad, by falling into bad company.
13. You must reach home before twillight and participate in evening prayers.
14. You must have proper attire and purity of soul befitting your
age. Excessive decorative dress may lead you to evil.
15. Engage in the works suited to your age and education.
16. Let your ability be manifest in your discipline of life, in piety and control of your sense.
17. Love what is true and just.
18. Whatever you earn through deceit and theft will soon melt away likesnow.
19. You should desire to be loved by others; not to be feared by them.
20. Let there be no day in your life when you did no good to others.
21. Let not the insults or quarrels with others be a cause of aggravating stubbornness, hatred and enmity in you.
22. Do not insult or inflict the poor.
23. When you have attained maturity to do great things, never fail to obey or give due respect to your parents.
24. Never hate your own brothers and sisters.
25. It is the duty of children to look after their parents in their old age.
26. Do not let your parents shed tears on account of you .   If you offend them, you will have to suffer punishment in this world itself.
27. It is God who decides your vocation and you respond to it by choosing the decision of God.
28. When you choose your life-partner, take care that he/she has good
character and good manners.
29. The greatest among you is the one who is the humblest.
30. When you go through sufferings and sickness, surrender yourself totally
to the will of God.
31. Since you belong to God, you ought to be given back to Him.