Examination Tips

Exams are the culmination of all your studies.  Listed below are a few tips on how to gain the best from yourself.

Before the exam day

* Study previous exam papers

* Make a revision timetable - and stick to it.

* Try to revise in short spells, rather than letting your mind wander during longer periods.

* Revision notes are useful to keep going over-write down the basic or most important parts.

* Take breaks between revision.  Get some fresh air - go for walks, play football.  Always keep yourself well nourished.

* Make sure you have all the right equipment for the exam the night before.

On the exam day

* Have a good healthy breakfast.

* Read through your notes.

In the exam

* Manage your time - know how long the exam is and the number of questions to be answered.  Don’t spend too long on the first few
questions and then find you’ve run out of time, take a brief look over the paper before you begin answering questions.

* Read the questions thoroughly - make sure you know which
questions have to be answered.

* Plan your answer first.

* Write your answer as clearly as possible.

* On finishing the exam paper read through your answers again

After the exam

* Relax - don’t worry about the exam.  Do an activity to help you relax and get ready for the next exam  

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