Associates of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (ACMI) are a voluntary service oriented membership of parent’s well wishers and stakeholders of the school. It consists of a male and female wing to do social service at their respective level. They organise social welfare measures which includes promotion of art, music and spoken English for the deserving but financially weak brethren of our society. The programmes conducted on Saturdays and during the vacation period. Medical aid is also offered to cancer patients of Amala Medical College. 

Jeevatham is a social outreach activity of students & teachers. The charity drive collected during Onam & Christmas Celebrations would be distributed to deserving students and institutions, in their pursuit towards excellence. Through this project, financial aid is dispensed to Cancer patients of Amala Institute of Medical Sciences as well as train talented students who are financially backward. The students are given free but stringent coaching in various realms of knowledge on every Saturday.


School provides ample opportunity to all students to done their multiple intelligence through various co-curricular activities. These are taught & monitored by a team of eminent professionals skilled in their respective fields. It is therefore obligatory for every student to participate in one activity. The individual performance of the student is assessed & evaluated to make the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) more objective and scientific.

School stresses on the holistic development of the child. It considers every child to be unique and full of potentialities. In keeping with the aggressively changing world, the school strives to achieve a fine balance between academics and other soft skills needed for the complete grooming of the individual. So every year the school throws a wide range of opportunities in the fields of dance, drama, speech, recitation, drawing, painting etc. Talents Fest provides a unique platform for students to showcase their talents and compete with each other in a spirit of camaraderie.

Club activities promote the innate interests of students in specific areas. Students come togetherand share their knowledge, voice their opinions and learn to think independently. It also provides a platform to exhibit their skills and creativity. 
Development of inter-personal relationship skills such as punctuality, co-operation, responsibility, dependability.
Develops a balance between academic and social development. This would make the students to encounter the challenges of the society.
Encouragement and development of leadership skills.
Acquiring of specific knowledge or skills as they relate to a particular activity.