1.           Physical Fitness (Growing in stature)

                          •        Healthy, agile and vibrant students
                          •        Physical exercise/Aerobics
                          •        Sports and games
                          •        Manual work/Sramadan
                          •        Yoga/Martial Arts
                          •        Health & Hygiene
                          •        Skills in First Aid
                          •        Personal grooming/Etiquette

           2.           Intellectual competence

                          •        Curiosity to learn
                          •        Systematic observation
                          •        Scientific temper and logical reasoning
                          •        Critical and creative thinking
                          •        Skills in listening and speaking
                          •        Reading, writing and numerical ability
                          •        Ability to organize one’s work
                          •        Ability to discern and take decisions
                          •        Confidence to handle problems
                          •        Skills in fine arts and appreciate art and culture
                          •        Excel in one’s work

           3.           Personal, Interpersonal and Societal Skills

                          A.      Personal Skills
                                   •     Emotional maturity: self knowledge, self esteem, self confidence, self reliance
                                   •     Courage and conviction
                                   •     Time management
                                   •     Goal setting
                                   •     Resource management
                                   •     Adaptability to unfamiliar situations

                           B.         Interpersonal skills
                                   •     Teamwork
                                   •     Leadership
                                   •     Empathy and sensitivity
                                   •     Tolerance and acceptance
                                   •     Sharing and caring
                                   •     Appreciation for the fellow beings

                           C.      Societal Skills
                                   •     Knowledge of the constitutional rights and duties of a citizen
                                   •     Commitment to the society
                                   •     Awareness of the cultural heritage
                                   •     Concern for the underprivileged in the society
                                   •     Responsiveness to the environment

           4.           Spiritual Growth
                                   •     Devotion to God
                                   •     Value consciousness and moral integrity
                                   •     Interest and ability to pray
                                   •     Knowledge of sacred scriptures

                                   •     Application of values in daily life